The first DAG technology crypto-currency, with minimum stable value, backed by gold and supported by cannabis growing companies, technology and ecology, which provides security and uses a blockchain without miners or delays in transactions.

What is ECOXAU?

ECOXAU is a crypto-currency with minimum stable value that is being developed in Colombia, which has the support of certified gold and a community of users and innovative companies, which seeks to stabilize and facilitate the means of investment in technological and social projects for the world, in addition to ensuring rapid transactions in virtual payments without risk of loss of value in the funds due to market volatility.

Backed with certified gold

1 ECOXAU will be based on an equivalent and legal value of 0.015 grams of gold during the launch, which does not decrease as it is a real value.

DAG Technology

The systems based on DAG, allow greater functionality than the traditional Blockchain, providing faster transactions without depending on miners.

Ecosistema práctico

Ecosystem of planned trade easy to use for people without technical knowledge, with maximum security for users and investors.

ECOXAU is for everyone


Looking for growth projects and investment opportunities in innovative, environmentally friendly start-ups.


Start-ups and consolidated projects in search of growth

People who make payments

Payments with fast and secure electronic transactions, free exchange of Ecoxau in exchanges, better asset management.


Stores and companies, profit collection, cryptomoney customers, stable value thanks to the gold backing for Ecoxau.

ECOXAU = transactions

ECOXAU seeks to create a more efficient way to connect investors with innovative and environmentally friendly projects, guaranteeing the stability and security of investments, creating an ecosystem where start-ups coexist with each other, offering products and services through ECOXAU’s crypto currency.

A currency for the planet!

ECOXAU's Dagchain technology reduces energy consumption by not requiring numerous mining machines to operate and consume electricity to execute transactions.

Energy consumption
  • Energy consumption ECOXAU promotes reforestation projects in the Amazon.
  • It generates less energy consumption.
  • It promotes recycling projects and ecological products.
  • It promotes the development of clean energy, free of pollutants.

Why is ECOXAU the immediate future?

DAG systems are created in order to process information movements on the Internet in a secure way based on a proprietary structure over a mathematical concept that guarantees efficiency in both transaction speed and energy consumption.

In this way, ramifications allow old information to be ignored by the node in use unless it is necessary to look back.

De esta forma, las ramificaciones permiten que la información antigua sea ignorada por el nodo en uso a menos que sea necesario observar hacia atrás.

ECOXAU is based on DAG

Take the best of today's technology.

Gold Backing

Take the best of the traditional market.

The DAG technology, allows fast and verifiable transactions. In this way, trust is promoted among users, while there is also trust in the currency -through gold-, and trust in the investment through our platform.



Valor asegurado

Comercio eficaz


Cada token de ECOXAU estará respaldado por 0.015Gr de oro, dando seguridad en valor mínimo a las inversiones que se realizan a través de nuestra moneda. Pero, la meta final no es solo la inversión profesional, sino facilitar la inversión de cualquier tercero en proyectos de crecimiento.
ECOXAU contará con un ecosistema de comercio completo que facilite los pagos entre terceras personas a nivel de comercio simple. Ademas contará con la característica de ser un medio de resguardo para la población que vive en países con altas inflaciones, resguardando el capital de las personas. El ecosistema incluye pasarelas de pago, wallets, API de integración para desarrolladores y más.
El ecosistema reunirá a las start-up que cumplan con las características de Chequealo Group y Ecocampus Group, que formarán parte de un directorio donde coexistirán y podrán ofrecer sus productos y servicios por ECOXAU como uno de tantos medios de pago. Contaran con una App donde Elaboraran sus listas de inversión creando sus propios ETF (Exchanged Traded Fund por sus siglas en inglés o Fondo cotizado), a través de la emisión de Private Equity Tokens con el cual representarán acciones, participaciones de utilidades, bienes raices y empresas tokenizadas.
  • Respaldo en oro
  • Comercio Eficaz
  • Acceso directo Startups y ETF

ECOXAU an efficient solution

ECOXAU proposes a platform for efficient investment linked to a complete commerce ecosystem that allows an infinite number of users to connect in their daily transactions.

"Imagine being able to invest in qualified projects previously evaluated by experts from any corner of the world, using a virtual currency with stable value, backed in gold and with faster transactions than the current blockchains".
Chequéalo Group SAS

Disadvantages of the traditional Blockchain

The linear block chain is cumulative. This means that each block has the same information as all the others, which not only goes against the principle of efficiency, but also affects the reality of the users. More users that are handled in a system based on Blockchain:

  • Transactions are slower.
  • The more confidence is needed in the receiver.
  • More memory is consumed.
  • More energy is needed.


November, 2020

Research Phase

Research the use and implementation of optimized DAG technology.

Creation of project description and stages.

November, 2020
February 2021

Preparation Phase

Development of Web Platform for ICO launch campaign.Creation and definition of White Paper.

February 2021
3rd Quarter 2021

ICO Development

  • Platform development for ICO.
  • Advance of second stage of development ECOXAU.
3rd Quarter 2021
4th Quarter 2021

ICO Launch

  • 1st Private sale of Token ECOXAU.
  • Start of Digital Marketing campaign and ECOXAU audience building.
  • 2nd Private sale.
    Massive digital marketing campaigns.
  • Opening of public sale ICO.
  • 1st ECOXAU 2020 Conference (On-Line).
4th Quarter 2021
1st Quarter 2022

Launch of ECOXAU

  • Nativa Web Wallet development.
  • Launch of ECOXAU crypto currency in Dag Chain Obyte.
  • ECOXAU demonstration conference in public.
1st Quarter 2022
2nd Quarter 2022

Exchange Enrollment

  • Launching of the BETA version of the App Web.
  • ECOXAU enlistment in Exchanges allies.
  • Development of payment gateway for WEB platforms.
  • Development of Ecoxau’s own Exchange.
2nd Quarter 2022
3rd Quarter 2022

API Development

  • App release.
    Integration API for external applications.
  • Launching of Marketing campaigns for web platforms and tools for developers.
3rd Quarter 2022
4th Quarter 2022

Mobile App development and start of own Dag Chain

  • Native mobile application development.
  • Launching of technological tools worldwide.
  • Stage I of development of own Dag Chain.
4th Quarter 2022

Distribution of Tokens

60 %

Venta ICO (35.000.000)

27 %


5 %

Fondo de reserva

2 %

Equipo, Administración, Desarrollo y Fundadores.

4 %

Desarrollo de Start-Ups

2 %

Junta de asesores

  • Maximum total of coins to be produced:
  • Total Tokens to distribute initially: 58,333,333
  • Token name: Ecoxau
  • Token symbol: ECX
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Initial Ecosystem: DAG Chain Obyte
  • Tokens for sale: 60% (35,000,000)
ICO sale
Team, Management, Development and Founders
Advisory Board
Development of Start-Ups
Reserve Fund

Distribution of funds Sale ICO (35.000.000 ECX)


Compra de Oro.

3 %

Administración y asesores.

35 %


2 %

Fundadores y validadores de inicio.


Desarrollo de Plataforma.

5 %

Desarrollo de Start-Ups

  • Minimum investment: 500 ECX Tokens
  • Start of public collection: December 2020.
Buying Gold
Platform Development
Development of Start-Ups
Administration and consultants
Founders and startup validators

Download EcoXau White Paper

Discover the innovation that you will soon be able to have in your hands.

Who is behind ECOXAU?

ECOXAU is the flagship crypto currency that will drive CHEQUEALO GROUP S.A.S. a specialized project whose main focus is to promote and protect the essence of the planet. In this sense, integrating all disciplines of the human being to balance and improve the quality of life of all people with less income, we want to raise their level of education and help develop technologies that contribute to give permanent sustainability to the world. Translated with (free version)

For us, the future of the world depends on two variables: Nature and people.  For that reason, we have the mission to optimize and protect both by seeking points of balance and harmony.

Our team

CHEQUEALO GROUP and ECOXAU have a highly trained professional team committed to the success of the project.


Electronic Engineer from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana with more than 35 years of experience in Marketing.


Chief Communication officer


Investment Fund.
Chief Financial Officer


Software Engineer.


International Business.
Coord. de Actividades Empresariales


Chief Human Resources Officer


Financial Management.
Bank Officer


Financial Administrator Professional with Specialization in Health Administration.
Chief Administration


Professional in 3D Digital Animation, 3D Technologies, experience in App development, among others.


Civil engineer.
Chief Blockchain


Financial Management.
financial admon


International Business.
International Business


Chief Health


Legal and financial consultant.
Legal Department




Chief Business Development Officer.
Administrative assistant

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