Ecoxau officially launches its Airdrop

Ecoxau has announced that its official Airdrop is now online, and all users who wish to participate can do so by logging onto the website: This platform will reward the user for multiple contributions including simple web registration and other actions such as sharing and recommending others to win tokens.

An Airdrop that drives the Ecoxau community

Airecx is an initiative of Ecoxau’s founding team, through the platform, all users will be able to contribute daily so that the project reaches more people and in exchange they will obtain tokens, which can be withdrawn to the user’s Ecoxau wallet or can be used to exchange it for prizes or products from Ecoxau’s partner stores.

The objective of is to promote the Ecoxau crypto-currency project and make it known quickly to the world. Ecoxau’s DAG Chain technology allows fast, secure and miner free transactions that slow down or include commissions on the network.

How to participate in the Ecoxau Airdrop?

Anyone can participate and win tokens by performing mainly social actions, in which the more users invited to register and purchase airdrop tokens, the more coins they can win, the Ecoxau Team has a good capital in Ecoxau to be distributed to users through the platform.

Learn more about Airecx.

To learn more about Airecx we invite all our dear users to see the Next Article where they can learn more details and even create their account to win free tokens instantly.